• Certified Naturally Grown Farm
  • Slow Food USA Chef Alliance
  • Certified American Tree Farm
  • Wellness Interpreter- Certified
  • Lavender & Edible Flowers
  • Wild Edibles & Culinary Herbs
  • Heirloom Vegetables
  • Botanical Sanctuary
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Yoga Alliance Registered

  •  Yoga Workshops

  • Sacred Monarch Labyrinth

We are not open daily to the public for yoga classes. We offer focused workshops designed to open your mind and body as a natural way to deepen your yoga practice and understanding of self.

Workshops are during the growing season.

"Yoga is an art and science of living" - Indra Devi

Yoga is the Tree of Life

Our interpretive education workshops enhance the meaning and personal benefits rooted in yoga practice; organically cultivating healthy branches of a yogic lifestyle.  We aim to offer a journey of the heart, a tapestry of experiences woven into concepts that apply to everyday living, from eating fresh food, to meditating in the wild, and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Our mission is to celebrate EARTH DAY with EVERY BODY everyday! We envision a world where people nurture human nature through mind-body yoga practice techniques aimed to restore, renew, and rejuvenate self and our environment; cultivating a healthy, creative, vibrant lifestyle filled with gratitude, joy, justice, and inner peace.   

Where will our yoga journey take you?  Our adventures are nature-centric and engaging, they strike a balance between yogic culture and balanced healthy living with invigorating, energetic, one-of-a-kind wellness explorations.

Certified Yoga Instructor    registered with Yoga Alliance.  

We specialize in Yin , Restorative, and Chakra yoga practices.

"Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked."  Desikarshar

Lavender Farm Teaching Kitchen Yoga Retreat