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  • Certified Naturally Grown Farm
  • Slow Food USA Chef Alliance
  • Certified American Tree Farm
  • Wellness Interpreter- Certified
  • Lavender & Edible Flowers
  • Wild Edibles & Culinary Herbs
  • Heirloom Vegetables
  • Bees & Natural Prairie
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Yoga Alliance Registered

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  • Sacred Monarch Labyrinth

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Teas for Trees!

--Albert Einstein

The Vintage Homesteader brand offers unique, nostalgic, rural, outdoor appeal; demonstrating quality of life as a consequence of staying close to the landscape.

Our lavender vignettes showcase the charm, ambiance, and romance of the countryside with artistic flair and meditative calm.

Our mission is to celebrate EARTH DAY with EVERY BODY everyday!  The Vintage Homesteader Potager is an Interpretive AgriCULTURE growing site --in the wild.  It is home to Botanical Afternoon Tea, Feast in theForest Teaching Kitchen and Yoga Farm Restorative Retreat. Our business model is aSocial Enterprise; we support a healthy planet, grow fresh food for peopleand generate profits to reinvest in our community.

What we do:  We grow really good, clean, food. We celebrate biodiversity by growing heirlooms, telling their stories, and preserving their flavors in our memory and in our hearts; by keeping them on our plates!  We share the taste experience with a Botanical Afternoon Tea experience.  And, we plant a Tree for each Tea served.

Feast in the Forest Teaching Kitchen is a natural eating experience --in the wild.  Here we cultivate awareness and support for sustainable living initiatives --including growing, harvesting, preparing and eating fresh, clean, local seasonal food. We offer these experiences through workshops and networks; Yoga and Slow Food communities.

Our Farmhouse is the base for our Social Enterprise business model. Our workshops promote self-sufficient well-being through cultivating natural enjoyment of  homesteading culinary skills, yoga, and Slow Eating practices. We are dedicated to doing our part in the wild and "in the field" to grow a green economy.  

Our practices both on and off the mat help people nurture their nature and deepen their commitment to environmental sustainability goals.  Our 76-acre, tranquil, site is located in St. James, Missouri --Forest City of the Ozarks.  The City was founded with the desire to preserve a “spot of great natural beauty for the enjoyment of the people.” It is in this spirit that we earned the American Tree Farm Certification designation for our preserved woodlands.

Lavender Farm Teaching Kitchen Yoga Retreat